Exhibition of Piero Cappellazzo
edited by Roberta Gubitosi

The works of Piero Cappellazzo

Along the Treviso Mare road to the sea, beside the rivers Sile and Piave, 47 Anno Domini is an exclusive “Wine Creative Lab” and a “Wine Boutique”, for wine tasting and purchasing the company products.

Multifunctional location for artistic and cultural events.

Ideal backdrop for celebrations and weddings, with the romantic Beato Erico chapel surrounded by the company vineyards.

"Wine by Design". Much more than a concept, it's a "Lifestyle". Every element of the company is affected by this culture,


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Get excited by the world of 47 Anno Domini During your wine tasting you will be accompanied along the affascinating journey through the world of wine: from tradition to technology.

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harvest is under way! we offer the most modern cultivation and winemaking systems


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