designed to show you our gratitude, it's a fundamental aspect of our company's typical exclusivity, that allows you to access the most reserved events in a modern ambient that's rich in tradition.

The 47 Anno Domini Fidelity Card

The Fidelity Card 47 Anno Domini can be requested from this website www.47annodomini.it/en/iscrizione or at our headquarters in Roncade Treviso. Fidelity Card is dedicated to all our long standing customers who have joined the Fidelity Card, giving us the confidence that drives us to work with an ever-growing commitment.

A personal access pass to all the special promotions, exclusive events for Club members and initiatives promoted or supported by 47 Anno Domini.

After completing the form and reviewing our campaign policy, the Loyalty Card can be collected or delivered free of charge directly to your home. Because a thank you has no price

We reciprocate your trust

Receiving the complimentary Fidelity Card means joining an exclusive Club and benefiting from all the 47 Anno Domini initiatives planned for our most loyal customers

» Special promotions and discounts

» Collecting points with special prizes

» Dedicated newsletters to update you on 47 Anno Domini news

A means to enjoy exclusive benefits as well collecting points on purchases made at the Winery.

1 Fidelity point for every €1 spent. Points once accumulated can be exchanged within the end of each year for vouchers or exclusive discounts

The Club is designed to show you our gratitude, a way to catalyze all the benefits that are deserved by the Winery's most loyal customers in . A key aspect of the exclusivity typical of our company, which provides access to the more private events, in a modern ambient that's rich in tradition.

Whenever you'd like to collect our most heartfelt "thanks", we await you here at 47 Anno Domini, immersed in our 30 acres of vineyards along the imposing Via Treviso Mare.