Moscato IGT Veneto Frizzante
75 cl tappo raso

brings highly balanced sweet, acid, and salty sensations, introduced by a delicate refined peach, apricot, and rose nose

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Name and Denomination
Moscato I.G.T. Veneto Frizzante
Grape variety
100% Moscato
Alcohol content 7,5% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 8-10°C

Gastronomic matches
excellent matched with dried cakes, jam, fresh fruit or dry pastries. Also very nice drank on it’s own.

Veneto region

once the grape has reached peak and balanced maturity, harvesting can begin. The grapes delivered to the winery, are separated from the stems and pressed, the must being separated from the skins during this process. The cooled must is then decanted and fi ltered then stored at 0-2°C.

the must base is placed into a fermentation tank and specially selected yeasts are then added. Subsequently it is transferred into a steel autoclave for secondary fermentino and reach the destre pressure, this value ranging from 2,00 to 2,50 ATM (Bar). At this point the Moscato IGT Veneto Sparkling wine is cooled to -2°C in order to conserve it’s sugar residue and aromas, then after 10 days in these conditions, it is then ready for isobaric fi ltration and bottling.

best stored in a cool and dark cellar – note that it’s peakaromatic freshness is espresse within the fi rst year of bottling.

to the eye, a nice level of froth is apparent, a good tone of yellow with delicate notes of green is noticeable. Brilliant and lively in the glass.

to the nose, the impact is elegant, delicate, fragrant, clear notes of orange, apricot, peach and rose are perceived.

excellent introduction highlighted by the carefully balanced perlage which incorporates the sensations of sweetness, acidity and salinity.

in 75 cl tappo raso bottles with cork closurein boxes of 6.

Moscato IGT Veneto Frizzante
Moscato IGT Veneto Frizzante
Moscato IGT Veneto Frizzante