Rosato Spumante Bio Vegan
in 75 cl Diamante bottles

lovely rosy colour enhanced by pink salmon reflections, floral scent combined with the fresh taste of rosé vinified red grape

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Name and Denomination
Rosato Spumante Bio Vegan
Grape variety 
cultivar suitable for sparkling wine
Alcohol content 11% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 4-6°C

Gastronomic matches
excellent as an aperitif, perfect accompaniment to crudité, marinated fish and shellfish, it also goes well with raw ham.

cultivar suitable for sparkling wine.


the grapes selected for this Extra Dry Organic Spumante Rosato are harvested and vinifi ed, fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16-18°C. After fermentation the decanting is carried out and the storage temperature is brought to 6-8°C. At the beginning of December, our winemakers defi ne the Cuvée which will then be placed in an autoclave for the secondary fermentation during the year. Once the refermentation is over, the temperature of our Organic Extra Dry Rosé Spumante is brought to 0°C to halt further fermentation and to obtain tartaric stability. During this period, the yeasts deposited on the bottom of the autoclave are periodically placed in suspension and after about one month after the secondary fermentation, the sparkling wine is fi ltered and prepared for isobaric bottling.

it is advisable to store in a cool, dry and preferably dark place to preserve the fruity notes longer.

intriguing pink tones with delicate salmon nuances, fine and prolonged perlage in the glass.

to the nose it presents elegant fl oral notes followed by sensations of small red fruits.

excellent initial impact, pleasant sensation thanks to the presence of carbon dioxide well amalgamated with the acidity and sugars present, well balanced for the duration in the mouth. Interesting persistence and final sensation.

In 75 cl bottles in boxes of 6.

Rosato Spumante Bio Vegan