Grappa all’uva di Raboso Barrique
50 cl. bottles

Gold with amber reflections. The body is soft and smooth with large vanilla notes and the unusual buckwheat fragrance.

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Name and Denomination
Barriqued Raboso grape Grappa from Veneto
Alcohol content 39,5% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 20°C

a intense and elegant grappa obtained from sapient resting in precious oak barrels. Carefully nurtured over time in the small oak barriques, this grappa acquires it’s own remarkable bouquet and personality, infusing itself with the sweet and characteristic aromas of aged wood.

it is recommended to best taste this grappa at ambient temperature using wide Bordeaux tasting glasses. Priorto drinking a brief ossigination time is also advised (5-10 minutes).

golden with amber refl exes.

to the nose you perceive the soft and smooth body with great notes of vanilla and the unusual fragrance of saracen wheat.

the end taste is persistent with taste of dried fruits and hazelnuts.

ideal to accompany all chocolates, dry fruit cakes and certainly a good sigar.

supplied in cardboard cases of 6 x 50 cl. bottles.