Gran Cuvée Bianco Spumante
75 cl bottles

an elegant and classy cuvée, with fruity notes mixed with light nuances of spices and almond, a wine enriched by the many refined and persisting bubbles 

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Name and Denomination
Gran Cuvée Bianco Spumante
Grape variety
a cuvée of Pinot Grigio e Verduzzo duly vinifi ed in order to express to the maximum the natural attitude of these grapes.
Alcohol content 12% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 4-6° C

Gastronomic matches
ideal as an aperitif, it pairs well also with first dished as past with speck.


when the grapes have reached the perfect balance between the quantity of acids and sugars they are carefully selected, harvested and softly pressed. The must is then cooled and clarifi ed using fl otation technique, then it is cooled to 18° C
and the alcoholic fermentation starts. After the fermentation has been completed, the wine is again cooled to between 10-12°C and after 8 days it is collected, thus obtaining the sparkling white wine base.

the base wine is sterile fi ltered, the necessary sugars and selected special yeasts are then added and all is placed into the special fermentation tank until the desired bar pressure of 4.00-6.00 atm is reached. After the second fermentation the 47 Anno Domini Brut Sparkling Wine is ready to be filtered and bottled at a controlled pressure.

in a dark humidity controlled cellar at a temperature of 10°C.

light straw yellow with persistent bubbles always in the glass.

elegant, smooth, at the beginning we have some fruity notes, especially apple and peach, together with some light nuances of spices and almond.

excellent at the beginning, full bodied, slightly sapid, long lasting with a good acidity and persistence that makes it a well balanced wine.

in 75 cl bottles in boxes of 6.

Gran Cuvée Bianco Spumante