Raboso DOC Piave
75 cl bordolese elite

a local wine fully drenched with Veneto’s heritage; intense ruby with garnet refl ections, dry and austere taste when sampled, ripe red fruit notes supported by fresh acidity - the precious outcome of barrel ageing

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Name and Denomination
Raboso D.O.C. Piave
Grape variety100% Raboso Piave
Alcohol content 14% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 17-20°C

Gastronomic matches
very well with all international heavily fl avoured or spicy dishes, even curries. Excellent with strong meats like game and venison, stews and herby cheeses.

part of the area of Treviso, Venezia.

using only hand selected healthy grapes, a 15 day maceration takes place with contact with the Raboso grape skins. After this the Raboso del Piave DOC is cleared and fi ltered and placed in 225 litre oak barriques for perfectioning.

in the cellar, at controlled humidity and a temperature of 10-12°C. Storing it for a medium to long time in the bottle allows an ageing and refi nement that guarantees its elegant balance.

intense ruby red with bluish and garnet highlights, a result of the storage and refi nement in the barriques.

the ageing creates the scents of maraschino cherry, violet and plum nuances, the latter almost to the point of jam.

dry and austere. The nuances of ripe red fruit are supported by an acidity that’s still fresh, which guarantees that it keeps well over time.

in 75 cl bordolese elite with natural corks in boxes of 6.
Magnums available.

the preservation of the organoleptic integrity of this Raboso with its willingness as a long-lasting wine makes us call it an nternational wine that maintains the characteristics of the indigenous vine that’s typical of Piave.

Raboso DOC Piave
Raboso DOC Piave
Raboso DOC Piave