“Garbin” Vino Rosso
75 cl bottle

a warm libeccio wind, known as “Garbin”, constantly brushes the vines. It is unpredictable and stubborn, the restless custodian of the uniqueness of our grapes, and it knows when it is time to steal scents and tastes from Venice lagoon, to transfers them into the soil, the vines, the grapes and, finally, into our wines. 

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Name and Denomination
“Garbin” Vino Rosso
Grape variety
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Refosco, Cabernet Franc in slightly varying percentages according to the vintage year harvest.
Alcohol content 15% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 18-20°C

Gastronomic matches
extraordinary matching with all long matured hard cheeses, perfect meditation or conversation wine.

boroughs of Roncade (Tv), Silea (Tv) and Paese (Tv)

the wine bunch is made unique by the characteristic from which it has origin, each wine bunch is brought to the desired maturity thirty day after harvesting. These wine bunches are caressed by the wind of Venice, the GARBIN, and are left to over mature on the vine. The bunches are smaller than usual, they possess a thicker skin and thanks to the micro climate conditions prevailing, they also have a higher sugar content.

The grapes are carefully in the Vineyard and only the most perfectly healthy and mature are picked for pressing.

after the pressing the crushed grapes are placed in a special wooden fermentation vat in which it is possible to heat the pressed grapes in order to control and manage the fermentation process. Once the fermentation is fi nished the wine completes its refi nement in oak barrels for two years. After this the wine is then bottled enjoying a further refi nement period before being commercialised

in a dark and dry cellar at 10-14°C for optimum conservation. The structure and alcohol content of this wine is tied to the elegance and quality of the oak in which it was refi ned. This guarantees a further aging period of 5 to 10 years in your cellar.

sark, somber, intense with light garnet notes.

intense, warm, alcoholic, vanilla and bitter chocolate, small red fruits, followed by fruity plum jam. Intriguing fi nal notes of tobacco and coffee.

important, rich, potent, warm, encompassing, soft, pleasingly astringent, long and persistent

supplied in 1 bottle 75 cl presentation boxes.

“Garbin” Vino Rosso
“Garbin” Vino Rosso