Art Exhibitions

If you are an artist and would like to exhibit your work in our Winery, we can organize your exhibition with the valuable support of a dedicated staff

If you are an artist contact us, as the experience we have gained over the years in organizing exhibitions and cultural events means you will be fully supported in terms of equipment and all the services you need for a successful show, from invitations, press releases, newsletters, catalogues and reviews to the buffet preparation.

With the support of Roberta Gubitosi, curator and art history teacher, well known for her research in the Treviso region.

With a degree in Modern Literature from the University of Padua, Roberta completed her studies obtaining a postgraduate degree in Art

History and minor arts and later a teaching degree.

She has collaborated with public and private bodies for the planning of guided tours, the organization of exhibitions and the presentation of well-known and emerging artists.

Her most significant work experiences include exhibitions promoted by the Fondazione Cassamarca at Ca 'dei Carraresi in Treviso, collaborations with Treviso Civic Museums for the cataloging of lapidary and sculptures, and with Arteinfiere Dolomiti, for the organization of events.

She is the author of numerous publications, catalogues and essays, including Il duomo nel XII secolo (2001), Treviso, la memoria incisa (2005), Simon Benetton. Opera grafica 1950-2014, Guarienti. La scultura, la pittura e la memoria (2016


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