Pinot Nero IGT Veneto
75 cl bottle

A scent that whispers a story, a delicate balance between red fruits and barrique wood for a ruby red glass with an elegant and complex taste

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Name and Denomination
Pinot Nero I.G.T. Veneto "Sottovoce line"
Grape variety 100% Pinot Nero vine
Alcohol content 13% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 16-18 ° C

Gastronomic matches
it goes perfectly with game and roast duck, but finds the ideal companion with seasoned cheeses. Find great satisfaction even with the first dishes with meat sauce and cold cuts.

the Pinot Nero vine is a red berry vine
from the wine-growing area of Burgundy in France, but
it has also adapted well in Italy, particularly in the North-East.

when perfect maturation of the grapes is achieved beginning of the harvest. The bunches arrive in the cellar for be de-stemmed and crushed and put to ferment with le peels in vinificers. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 25 ° C, replacements are scheduled and every 3 days a delestage is performed afterwards 10 days the wine is drawn off and pressed.
The wine obtained is placed in stainless steel tanks where conditions are created to encourage fermentation malolactic. Between September and January the idecanting in order to clarify the wine before placing it in wood. We have chosen to use large wood (elliptical barrel from 3,000 liters) and small wood (225 liters new barriques). Our Pinot Nero IGT Veneto Sottovoce 47 Anno Domini
matures for a period ranging from 9 to 15 months. When our winemakers believe that the perfect was obtained balance between fruit and vanilla, define the assembly of the Pinot Noir affixed in different woods capacities and types. The wine obtained from the assembly is left to rest for 2 months and then it is bottled, where it stands for another 3 months before being offered to our customers.

in a cool place and preferably in the dark to guarantee it maximum integrity and longevity.

at the sight it is alive, with a pleasant ruby hue with light reflections garnets.

the olfactory impact is elegant and complex, the Pinot Nero Sottovoce is the perfect combination of fruit sensations red (cherry, blackberry, currant) and those of maturation in wood with refined notes tobacco, coffee, cocoa, and vanilla. 

excellent attack, full, slightly acid, balanced, persistent, with a slight tannic sensation that helps keep your mouth clean.

in 75 cl bottles in boxes of 6.

Pinot Nero IGT Veneto
Pinot Nero IGT Veneto
Pinot Nero IGT Veneto
Pinot Nero IGT Veneto
Pinot Nero IGT Veneto