Sauvignon IGT TreVenezie
75 cl bordolese reale

rigorous dry wine, almost austere with its appealing acid impact and typically rich nose, which confidently shows off when drunk still young 

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Name and Denomination
Sauvignon I.G.T. TreVenezie “Linea sottovoce”
Grape variety 
100% Sauvignon
Alcohol content 12% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 10-12°C

Gastronomic matches
suitable with all pasta and rice dishes, also as soups with beans, for example. Goes well with all white meats, also served with light sauces. Excellent with baked oily fish.

vineyards in the Treviso countryside.

selected and healthy grapes; winemaking is done in just a few days in steel tanks. After the alcoholic fermentation, it is still kept in steel vats before carrying out the fi ltering processes before bottling.

in the cellar, at controlled humidity and a temperature of 10-12°C. It is recommended that it is drunk young.

deep straw yellow with lime green highlights.

deep straw yellow with lime green highlights.

dry and almost austere with sustained acidity.

in 75 cl bordolese reale bottles in boxes of 6.

the Sauvignon grape variety is diffi cult due to its nature and the grapes are usually strong and green, forcing the winemaker to use controlled, low emperature processes and a small amount of the must remaining on the skins
to guarantee that the wine will have the typical, varietal organoleptic characteristics..

Sauvignon IGT TreVenezie