Vino Bianco Spumante Bio Vegan Senza Solfiti Aggiunti
75 cl maxim

An elegant organic-vegan sparkling wine with no added sulphites and a fresh, velvety taste. A harmonious, very fruity wine, ideal for dishes based on both fish and seasonal vegetables.

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Name and Denomination
Organic Vegan Sparkling White Wine With No Added Sulphites.
Grape variety
100% Chardonnay
Alcohol content 11% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 4-6 ° C

Gastronomic matches
Perfect as an aperitif. It goes well with fresh and first courses based on seasonal vegetables.


From a careful harvest the Biological and Vegan grapes enter the cellar where they are mixed to produce the must in which the first fermentation begins, followed by decanting to make a limpid wine which with the effervescent phase will then become sparkling wine.

To the wine "base" we add the organic sugars necessary to produce the effervescence. In the autoclave where the second fermentation takes place, once the desired bar pressure is reached  we have the Organic Vegan Sparkling White Wine With No Added Sulphites - Extra Dry.

must be stored in a cool place and preferably in the dark, the maximum aromatic freshness is expressed in the first year of bottling.

A pale, bright straw yellow, with a persistent perlage.

Neat, decisive, fine aromas with pleasant sensations of ripe fruit and pear.

With a pleasant lightness and freshness, optimum harmony between sweet and acidic notes, this is a well balanced sparkling wine.

In 75cl bottles in cases of 6.

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