The Territory

A territory, that of the “Piave”, that gives the wines of 47 Anno Domini their great personality..

Fertile, clayey, rich in mineral salts. A territory, that of the "Piave", which gives the 47 Anno Domini wines great personality and "allure", also thanks to the unusual contrasts that characterize it. It's hard ground, not easy to cultivate, but it exalts the potential of the vine, emphasizing the sweetness and intensity of the grape flavours. Traditional vines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other native species such as the Raboso and Pinot Noir are revisited in different ways, with multiple interpretations. And then there’s the Prosecco, set out in multiple profiles: sparkling, classic method and spumante. A terroir which gives rise to important wines which are refined, with an unmistakable elegance and consistency.