Innovation at the service of ancient traditions

47 Anno Domini: a modern farming enterprise, based on a new concept of quality,  has become the flagship of a winemaking business active since 1919 and managed by three generations.

A land of goods and peoples

47 Anno Domini is located in the province of Treviso, an area that every day produces prestigious DOC and IGT wines, along the ancient Via Claudia Augusta, an impressive infrastructure, whose construction was ordered by one of the generals of the Emperor Augustus to connect Venice to the plains beyond the Brenner Pass, and was completed by Claudius in 47 AD.

It's in honour of this date we named our company, and the fact of growing up on this land which has witness a constant traffic of goods and peoples through the ages, imbues our vineyards with a special strength.

It's a land that also benefits from a unique microclimate, guaranteed by an unpredictable and obstinate south westerly wind, the Garbìn, which regularly and punctually steals and brings us fragrances from the Venice lagoon, becoming the greatest ally of the vineyards and of the wine.