Environmental Compatability

Modern techniques, which represent our added value, pave the way for our great attention to the preservation of the environment:

Photovoltaic plant optimizes  energy resources

Up to 80% of our energy needs come from two photovoltaic plants with a nominal power of 80 kW: in this way, 47 Anno Domini plays its part in reducing environmental impact and optimizing energy resources by leveraging "the value of natural capital ".

Water resources management

47 Anno Domini relies on innovative and responsible micro-irrigation systems based on a drop irrigation plant, more specifically Israeli-type, to optimise water consumption.

Natural treatments of soil and vineyard

The agronomists of 47 Anno Domini have a thorough knowledge of land where the soil is treated in order to maintain its natural fertility, helping it with only vegetal derived fertilizers and not of animal or synthetic origin.

Optimization in waste management

Ever conscious of waste and recycling, 47Anno Domini employs refuse separation, but above all optimizes packaging and bottling through the "empty return" system of silk-screened bottles - cleaned and sterilized before re-use.