Fragrances and Flavours

Alert your senses. On entering our cellars you will start to call upon your olfactory receptors, of which you have around 950.

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You’ll hear stories of aromas and fragrances and you may begin to sense the smells, have an impression of the aromas. So you are ready to enter the wine tasting hall where you’ll be guided towards discovering the essence of wine. A heady path that, thanks also in part to the harmonious gastronomic pairings, will lead you to understand its most extraordinary sensorial note: its fragrance. Here you’ll find a most noble combination of flowers, fruits, spices, sea, wind… earth.

Guided tour of the cellars and the production process
Olfactory guide with essences of the aromas you’ll find in the wines you taste Wine tasting: 5 wines accompanied by selected traditional fare
A discount of 10% on the purchase of the wines tasted for Club 47 Anno Domini cardholders.

We would suggest this tasting for those who know the wonderful world of wine and want to enter into its most romantic and mysterious aspect, the fragrances and olfactory notes.

For Club 47 Anno Domini cardholders, 10% discount on the purchase of the wines tasted. Subscription to the club is free.

DURATION: 90 min

We’ll choose 5 of our labels, some of the best from our cellar, wines which have won international competitions time and again, accompanied by typical gastronomic fare in order to discover combinations both classic and daring.

Prosecco Spumante DOC Millesimato Extra Dry Bio Vegan

Spumante Rosato Extra Dry Biologico

Sauvignon IGT delle Venezie - Linea Sottovoce

Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie Bio Vegan

Chardonnay DOC Venezia Bio Vegan

Cabernet Franc IGT Marca Trevigiana

Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Venezia Bio Vegano

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso IGT Veneto

Batista Cabernet-Merlot IGT Marca Trevigiana

Raboso DOC Piave

Moscato Frizzante IGT Veneto

Pinot Grigio Passito IGT Veneto


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