47 Anno Domini chooses Adriana Itri "La vita sospesa"

Inauguration of the exhibition: Saturday, February 8 at 6.00 pm
edited by Roberta Gubitosi

The works of Adriana Itri will be exhibited in the wine hall from 8 February to 12 April 2020.

Free Visit

The suspended life represents a path in the works of the Trieste artist Adriana Itri accompanied by the dress-installation by Corinna Bernardis. Adriana Itri lives art as listening to herself, the deep feeling full of reminiscences and stories.

The informal and gestural matrix has characterized his production since his first works, in which the highly instinctive and emotional personality emerges through the chromatic stratification and the accumulation of heavy spatulas.

Over the years, in fact, Adriana Itri slows down the emotional immediacy of the gesture. The new way of perceiving time and space is manifested in the need to take away in order to reach a "minimalist" vision. Thus in the series of Angels and Flowers, the spatulas and brushstrokes reflect a slower and more meditated action, while the chromatic variations become more relaxed. In the paintings-dresses, the female clothes are light, vaporous suspended in the atmosphere as if to recall the existence of people who are no longer there: they are angels, presences that participate invisible in our life.

More explicit is the reference to the singular reality of the artist in the Fiori series, characterized by long stems cut between the layers of color.

Adriana Itri's palette is reduced to grays, ochres and blues until it reaches the depth of black as an expression of strength and suffering energy. The essentiality of black totally involves the artist who is lost in his extreme synthesis full of emotion, feeling and life.

PDF - Adriana Itri - La Vita Sospesa