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White wine balanced and rich in every aspect: the linearity in the mouth is accompanied by notes of ripe fruit that fade into pleasant nuances of toasted hazelnut, vanilla and honey.

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Chardonnay
ORIGIN: Province of Treviso
ALLERGENS: Sulphites




When the grapes are perfectly ripened, the harvest begins. The grapes arrive in the cellar to be de-stemmed and crushed and placed in the lung press where a stop is made with the skins for about 4-8 hours, then the pressing cycle is started. The must obtained is cooled and decanted. The alcoholic fermentation starts on the clear must and at the end of the latter the temperature is lowered to about 8-10°C. In January 2/3 of the Chardonnay DOC Piave are placed in small carats of second and third passage wood where it begins a slow maturation in wood, for a period ranging between 6 and 12 months. When our oenologists consider a perfect balance between smell and taste, they define the assembly with the third part of the Chardonnay DOC Piave which was maturing in steel, the wine obtained is left to rest for at least 3-4 months before being bottled for a further 3 months refinement before being offered to our customers.

Product of Italy - Bottled for Società Agricola 47AD S.S. Roncade - Italia by PD/544/IT.

Colour: at the sight it is bright, alive with pleasing golden-yellow hues that respond well to a white wine with wood.
Bouquet: the olfactory impact is elegant and complex, initially the ripe fruit notes prevail and then fade into pleasing nuances that recall toasted hazelnut, vanilla and light honey sensations.
Flavour: excellent initial acidity, then it is long, deep, sapid, persistent, suggestive linearity in the mouth.

It goes well with stewed fish and fresh cheeses with sheep's milk or with moderately seasoned cow's milk.

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