Pinot Grigio DOC Delle Venezie Ramato BioVegan

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Wine with coppery nuances, characterized by fruity notes with a remarkable softness.

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Pinot Grigio
ORIGIN: Province of Treviso
ALLERGENS: Sulphites



The grapes, harvested by hand in the early morning to avoid temperatures too high, enter the hopper and then pass through the destemmer. While the grapes are loaded on the press, dry ice is added (or rather, carbon dioxide in its solid state, which is obtained when the temperature reaches -78° C). The maceration of peel, pulp and dry ice continues for about 6 hours, during which the work programs of the press are adjusted in order that the maximum amount of juice is obtained at the lowest pressures.It is important to avoid any excessive tearing of the skins, above all to limit the production of lees and the release of unwanted compounds. This cold maceration technique is used to enrich the must with aromatic substances, resulting in a wine characterized by different primary aromas. Through heat reduction from the moment of collection we can guarantee the product has the best protection. The second production phase is the cold liquid housing of the must at a temperature of 4 degrees for about 4 days, and it is shaken twice daily to ensure the lees stay in suspension. Then, once the clean must is obtained through sedimentation, a first non-brewer’s yeast will be introduced which develops the aromatic profile of the wine, favouring the perception of various fruity aromas without masking its typical characteristics. When about 3% alcohol is reached, a second yeast for structured rosé wines is injected, which will bring the alcohol level to the desired 12 degrees. This is followed by decanting to clean the wine and then bottling. Finally, after about 1 month of refinement the wine is ready for sale.

Product of Italy - Bottled for Società Agricola 47AD S.S. Roncade - Italia by PD/544/IT.

Colour: Coppery (onion skin) with reflections of partridge eye pink.
Bouquet: A smooth blend of red currant, raspberry, violet and rosehip. A fragrant note of rose water, melon and pomegranate is also perceptible.
Flavour: The acidity recalls the pink pulp of a ripe guava, the flavour brings to mind a pink colour, as if it were Himalayan salt; the softness is the support scaffolding of the structure of this wine.

Excellent with fish starters, including raw fish, first courses with vegetables and with white meats.

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