Merlot DOC Venezia Bio Vegan

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Intense dark red; a deep red wine from our land, smelling of red fruits and vanilla.

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Merlot
ORIGIN: Provinces of Treviso and Venice
ALLERGENS: Sulphites




After the harvest the grapes are pressed and put to fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The fermentation process occurs at controlled temperature, below 28° C, and daily checks and adjustments are made; moreover, during the fourth and seventh day of fermentation a “delestage” process is carried out. Once completed the phases of alcoholic fermentation and extraction, peel racking and pressing may begin, while all the necessary conditions for malolactic fermentation are created. As soon as this latter process is carried out, decantation is indispensably performed in order to decide which is the best moment when the Sottovoce Merlot will be put into barrels for perfecting. The perfecting phase lasts about 10-18 months during which analytical checks and sensorial analysis are regularly carried out by our chief oenologist.

Product of Italy - Bottled for Società Agricola 47AD S.S. Roncade - Italia by PD/544/IT.

Colour: deep red, dark, deep, with elegant browny red coloured notes.
Bouquet: clean, warm, with enjoyable hints of red berry fragrance, followed by a marked vanilla and toasted wood note. At the end, notes of green pepper are perceived.
Flavour: excellent mouth entry, enjoyable sensation of a light tannin diffused on the tongue and a warmth and sweetness perception given by the alcohol, good length and persistence that leave a pleasant dry mouth which asks for another sip.

Combines very well with all red roasted or grilled red meats, spicy grilled sausages, chilli con carne, tomato based pasta sauces like Ragù Bolognese or Amatriciana and also with red meat Indian curries. Very nice with herby soft and semi aged hard cheeses.

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