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The stories from our winery, in small episodes.

Here we find tales which leave a written trace of what makes us an eclectic winery, devoted to good wine and sustainable progress.

Garbin, the wind that caresses our vines

Unpredictable and capricious, the wind of Venice has become a friend and ally of our wines.


Le Argille, Cabernet di Cabernet

Le Argille is powerful, with depth and warmth, the result of two years of aging in concrete barrels. A unique wine, to be savoured.


Franciacorta DOCG, a dive into the Classic Method

Persistent, fine and elegant. The Franciacortas come to life through an art, that of the Classic Method.


Malanotte del Piave DOCG

A sumptuous, important wine full of character. It tells the story of an ancient medieval village and a new interpretation of the Raboso grape.

Vendemmia Malanotte

Israeli drip irrigation system

Israeli drip irrigation system

Irrigazione Israeliana

Energy self-sufficiency

Energy self-sufficiency: we produce what we consume


Sustainable agronomic practices

The small large actions that make the difference

Vigneti biologici

The Garbin

The wind that sighs to our vineyards

47 Anno Domini