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Garbin: Caressed By The Venetian Wind

There’s a story to be told : an unpredictable, stubborn wind becomes a friend and ally of our wines

The summer of 2011 was hot and above all very long. During the harvest period the temperatures were still very high and in one of those late summer evenings when you can almost smell the change of season in the air, walking among the rows, we realized that the vintage was exceptional : the high temperatures had already instigated a second bloom.

These new clusters, timid and too small, would not have been harvested during mechanical harvesting … this was an opportunity to give birth to a new wine that would benefit from the characteristics of clusters that have a higher sugar concentration than bigger bunches and a thicker peel . We chose to dry the clusters on the wine, then pick them by hand, carefully select them and let them improve slowly in oak barrels.

All the time, the vines had been caressed by a strange hot wind, at first light and then stronger, an unpredictable and stubborn south westerly, which has become our best ally, unstoppable guardian of the uniqueness of our grapes. It provides our vineyards with a unique microclimate, stealing with a punctual regularity the fragrances and flavours of the Venetian lagoon, to transfer them to the soil, and then to the vines, the grapes and finally to our wines.

It’s precisely to the “Garbìn” wind that we dedicate this extraordinary wine, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Refosco and Cabernet Franc grapes: deep, dark, intense, hot, alcoholic, rich, full flavoured, powerful, enveloping, soft but pleasantly astringent, long, persistent. Elegant.

Extraordinary with cheeses, a great wine for meditation and conversation.

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