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In the midst of rows
of vines, the cellar appears

Designed so that rationality and aesthetics meet in a building different from any other. This is a showcase of materials where wood, glass and steel meet to remind us that everything comes from nature.
The Eye leans over the vineyards. Set in the cellar façade, The Eye is the large cantilevered window that seems to lean out over the vineyards. The light filters through the large window, creating games on the internal walls and illuminating the welcoming rooms.
A place that is home. This is the place where good taste, design, product innovation and aesthetics are at home.


by design

Here a true conceptual revolution takes place and the contrast between wine production and design is the focal point. A new kind of winery, which pours love for aesthetics into the architecture of the building and the technology of the machinery used.

Where all the
good wine grows.


Our vines are nourished by a fertile, clayey soil, rich in mineral salts. but also difficult, complex to cultivate, hostile. Yet, it is these same characteristics that instill great personality in our wine, emphasizing the sweetness and intensity of the grapes.

Traditional grape varieties such as cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, raboso and glera grow here. Each is revisited in different blends, giving rise to flavourful interpretations. We musn’t forget that Prosecco DOC is another product of these grapes, the most representative wine of our territory, which we produce in all its forms: semi-sparkling and sparkling.


Our part,
to love and protect
the nature

For us organic means having respect for and esteem for nature. Thanks to our non-invasive treatments to protect the environment and our sustainable processing techniques, we have obtained organic and vegan certifications. Because for us, working well means working from the earth and with the earth, respecting climatic variability and the conformation of the soil.

Our agronomists know every peculiarity of the soil and are committed to maintaining its natural fertility through vegetable fertilizers, never of animal origin or synthesis.

In the filtration and clarification phase of the wine we use only vegetable and mineral derivatives; this choice – which has allowed us to obtain European certification from The Vegan Society – means our products are accessible to all wine lovers, regardless of their different food choices, without affecting the organoleptic characteristics of our products.

We have combined technical innovation with environmental protection through careful management of water resources, by using a modern Israeli-type drip irrigation system. That’s not all; up to 80% of the energy comes from an efficient photovoltaic system with a nominal power of 80kW.

We pay the utmost attention to avoiding any kind of waste: an example of this are our 100% natural cosmetics, which we make through an innovative bio-liquefaction system and by reusing the pomace. We also transform our original bottles into unique containers for candles, which are included in the extensive product range of the winery.

A story three
generations long.


It all started with grandfather Batista. He had always known what he would do when he grew up:
become an agricultural entrepreneur. Returning from the front as poor as when he’d left, he put to good use what no-one could take away from him: tenacity and even a little recklessness. So much so that he managed to make his dream come true: he started his own business, first flanked by his children and then also by his grandchildren. Today it’s the second and third generation that carry on this passion, which is much more than a job.

Even his grandchildren Cristian and Andrea followed their own spark of recklessness, founding the third and youngest winery of the family: 47 Anno Domini. The name comes from the Roman road which ran through the terrain where the winery was established, Via Claudia Augusta, whose construction started on the orders of the Emperor Augustus to connect Venice to the plains beyond the Brenner, and ended under the Emperor Claudius in 47 AD. So our name derives from the year the road was inaugurated, which we honour with the walkway that follows the route where it once was.


The spark of passion of the Tombacco family materializes in a strong attention to quality which led to the drafting of the Ethics Code, a starting point for sharing corporate commitments with partners and collaborators.


In addition to 47 Anno Domini, the group has two other oenological activities.
The Tombacco family has been producing wine for 100 years. Because knowing how to make wine is a continuous evolution, it is a wisdom that is inherited from fathers and grandfathers.

Is the winery from which everything originated, the starting point of the group. It balances tradition with the continuous desire to evolve and integrate new cultivation and production techniques.

Trevisana feels like home, because its vines are bordered by the flat lands around Treviso.
Here we cultivate indigenous grapes organically through which we reveal the enological richness of our territory.