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Franciacorta DOCG, a dip into the Metodo Classico

Persistent, fine, elegant, the Franciacorta arise from an art, that of the Metodo Classico.

A combination of morainic, calcareous and clayey terrains, carefully selected Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes, the second fermentation in the bottle together give us some of the best-known Italian bubbles.

Selected from the heart of Franciacorta: a DOCG Brut, a DOCG Satèn and a DOCG Pas Dosé, three wines that Tombacco family has selected to tell consumers of a productive method that embodies all the love and passion for the land that, those who make wine, cannot but have. The same values that animates the 47 Anno Domini winery!

Vineyards dedicated to the production of Chardonnay grapes, aided by the microclimate of Lake Iseo, are the starting point for the production of bubbles with fine and persistent perlage, intense and at the same time harmonious aromas. After the careful cultivation of the vineyards and the selection of grapes during the harvest, the famous Metodo Classico production process follows.

The still wine obtained from the Chardonnay grapes, after the addition of the Liqueur de Tirage, is bottled ready for the sparkling process. The fermentation takes place in the bottle and the wines rest on the lees for at least 24 months before moving on to the fascinating phase of the Remuage. The bottles, positioned on the pupitre, are rotated and shaken so that all the yeasts flow onto the neck of the bottle and can be eliminated with the disgorgement. Once the yeast has been eliminated, the wine is topped up with the liqueur d’éxpedition, our Franciacortas are ready to offer the palate a unique experience!

An ancient production process that results in a product of the highest quality, which could be only enhanced by a prestigious label, studied by the designer Raimondo Sandri, who has been able to give voice to the inestimable elegance of Metodo Classico wines.