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Vendemmia Malanotte

Malanotte del Piave DOGC

A sumptuous, important wine full of character. It tells the story of an ancient medieval village and a new interpretation of the Raboso grape.

The idea of producing Malanotte del Piave DOCG stems from 47 Anno Domini’s desire to continually offer
new, memorable wines, capable of persuading enthusiasts fall in love every day. Malanotte del Piave DOCG is a wine with a curious name, chosen in honour of a small medieval village in Tezze di Piave, the heart of the production of Malanotte.

The vineyards surrounding the winery, like those of the Tezze di Piave area, have proven over the years to have a terroir particularly suited to the production of excellent quality Raboso grapes. In other words, grapes that lend themselves to elaborate drying and aging processes. The result is a memorable wine, which will age in the cellar for 36 long months before it can be tasted.

Malanotte del Piave DOCG 47 Anno Domini is made from 100% Raboso Piave grapes harvested by hand in late autumn. Thanks to a careful selection process, grapes are chosen for their high contents of acidity, tannins and aromatic substances. To begin with, 80% of the grapes are vinified and left to rest in barrique. The remaining 20% are left to wither in  wooden boxes for several months before being vinified and combined with the grapes already transformed into wine.

The particular cut and long aging process are essential to soften the original sharpness of this wine, transforming it into a product with a fascinating mellowness. Distinguished by its ruby red colour and aromas of cherry combined with wood, the Malanotte DOCG 47 Anno Domini … will be a wine that’s austere, pungent, and full of character.