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Le Argille, Cabernet of Cabernet

Strong, impressive, unique; refined in cement barrels for two years, immaculate and free of interference from barrel aromas, to preserve its uniqueness and its flavour which is warm, elegant and mature

Le Argille are the result of a story that my dad told me: in the seventies he had bought a company in the province of Treviso and he had found wines contained in cemented concrete tanks. In normal conditions these wines would have turned to vinegar but in reality the wines appeared fresh, fruity and in an excellent state of conservation. This episode that my father recounted really intrigued me, leading me to do some research and to discover that the preservation and maturation of wines in concrete tanks was a very old Venetian tradition. To produce Le Argille, we start with cultivating the grapes. Producing a low quantity per hectare allows us to obtain a full-bodied wine which is very rich and alcoholic.

What makes Cabernet di Cabernet Le Argille so unique is this special ageing in a cement tank. That’s why from the packaging point of view we wanted to coat the bottle in cement and close the cap with sealing wax, and all this work is done by hand.

Our Cabernet Cabernet Le Argille comes into its own at the moment of tasting, when our palette is introduced to a powerful, deep, warm wine. Aimed naturally at the knowledgeable drinker but also at the beginner because this is a wine that despite its great importance is simple; it is not a wine to be interpreted but a wine to tasted.