Inauguration of the exhibition: Saturday 5th February, h. 17.30

The works will be exhibited in the wine hall from 5th February to 17th April 2022.

curated by Roberta Gubitosi

Free Visit


The exclusive Wine Creative Lab 47Anno Domini hosts the works of eight artists of the “Ars in Tempore” project from different provinces and regions. The diversity of themes and media used testify the plurality of languages and forms of contemporary art.

The artist from Trieste Donatella Bartoli express a personal vision of the karst landscape through cursive painting.
Of expressionist matrix are the figures of Roberta Battaglia from Treviso, characterized by a formal amplification and a bright chromatism.
Enrico Del Rosso from Pordenone develops a contemporary interpretation of the concept of icon starting from the investigation of the perceptive laws of the image.

The Treviso sculptor Mario Favero focuses his research on the material of stainless steel, enhancing the optical-perceptive potential of the material.
Milena Miculan from Gorizia evokes essential and suspended landscapes through delicacy of pastels.
The works of the Treviso artist Dina Moscato express a contemporary vision of the ancient Batik technique.
The extreme formal synthesis characterizes the production of Gianni Paganelli from Treviso, in which the figure breaks down into movement and space.
Ciro Zanette distorts the landscape of the Treviso countryside through an instinctive and gestural painting.

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