Thursday 30 May (6.30 pm) at the 47 Anno Domini winery, Raimondo Sandri art director and designer will describe the creative process of the label and the successful bottle through two case histories.

The development phases will be illustrated, from the creation to the final realization of these two fundamental elements in the Brand communication, designed for 47 Anno Domini. In addition to the exploration of the research work that gave rise to the new Sottovoce line labels, for the first time the creative path followed by Raimondo Sandri will also be illustrated in detail to arrive at the final shaping in the design of the Diamante bottle. A process characterized by a truly unique research phase that involves the creation by hand of models and prototypes in clay; the bottle becomes sculpture and through artistic modeling finds new volumes and shapes. Essential is the technical competence typical of industrial design developed by Sandri, which allows the transformation of the sculpture bottles into successful products on the market in the final part of the project. Among his latest creations, a bottle commissioned for the Swedish market that is very popular in the Scandinavian countries, but totally Made in Italy.

At the end of the presentation there will be a visit to the 47 Anno Domini cellar and barrel room and the tasting of the Sottovoce Line products (Chardonnay DOC Piave, Sauvignon IGT TreVenezie, Pinot Nero IGT Veneto, Merlot DOC Venezia) and the exclusive Prosecco DOC Spumante Biologico in Diamond bottle.

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Raimondo Sandri

Art director and designer, he has also been involved in brand design for the Wine & Spirits sector for fifteen years, collaborating with Italian and international companies. Raimondo Sandri’s work ranges from the artistic direction of the brand to label design, from packaging design to bottle shaping.

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