Il colore racconta… curated by Roberta Gubitosi

Inauguration of the exhibition: Friday 3rd December, h. 17.30

The works will be exhibited in the wine hall from 3rd December 2021 to 31st January.


Free Visit

The exclusive Wine Creative Lab 47Anno Domini hosts the works of the artist Maura Mattiolo. Maura Mattiolo’s path develops within a pictorial research capable of expressing an “informal vision of reality”, generated by the continuous tension between figuration and abstraction.

The artist recalls experiences, visual sensations, strong emotions through pictorial action and manages to grasp the essence of memory, the extreme emotional image, in the flow of memory. The supporting structures of this synthesis are the color, which generates the form, and the sign, which becomes a conceptual trace. The fragments of drawing that outline the bodies, the boats, the trees, the houses in quick strokes bring to mind only the idea of ​​the different elements and never lingering on the descriptive details. Free from any spatial and temporal contextualization, the images live within the work as an intimate trace of the artist’s feeling.

The narrative aspect is reserved for the backgrounds of color that can “tell”. In fact, the color is spread through fast and instinctive strokes that drag the material onto the canvas to create infinite tonal varieties and reflect the strength and emotional exuberance of memory.

The reds, blues and yellows have a narrative development through their movements, densities, transparencies and contrasts. The immediacy of Maura Mattiolo’s gesture gives voice to the material, so that “The most beautiful sound is hearing the palette knife that drags the color onto the canvas”.

However, the creative act slowly matures internally, only to emerge strongly, driven by an emotional urgency that induces the artist to free gestures in an immediate and instinctive action. In this way are created works such as Ballare piano in controluce, Con i sogni nel cuore, Il passo del vento, Estasi, works dominated by a dynamism full of sensations.

This painting emerges capable of condensing in itself the essence of the experience captured in the immediacy of the gesture. The figures appear to be metaphysical shapes that can hardly be distinguished in the decisive evolution of the guidelines and lines of force. In the same way, the structures of exotic architectures re-emerge and invite the observer on an imaginary journey from the Venetian San Marco leading to the oriental forms of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia or mosques.

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