Incontro di due anime curated by Roberta Gubitosi

Inauguration of the exhibition: Friday 10th September, h. 17.30

The works will be exhibited in the wine hall from 10th September to 28th November.

Free Visit

The exclusive Wine Creative Lab 47Anno Domini hosts the works of Paola Martina. Trieste-based, she currently lives in the Venetian area between Portogruaro and San Stino di Livenza. Her work is initially inserted in the tradition of the landscape, so important to her family too.

In his path, she prefers oil painting in which the color becomes softer and brighter, it vibrates in a different way to express a completely emotional reality. The figurative views along the Lemene and Livenza rivers or of the lagoon context near Caorle express the particular balance between essential compositional structure and movement of color. The diagonal cuts suggest the spatial depth soon canceled by the vertical and increasingly indefinite trend of the vegetation.

The descriptive and narrative aspects leave room for an intimate vision of the place that finds the most significant results in the recent production (2020-2021). The conception of nature emerges free from the contingency of reality, in which the movement of pigments with their materials convey the infinite emotional world of Paola Martina. Thus every aspect of painting can express the set of relationships that bind the artist to different contexts in a suspended and indefinite time.

Sometimes dense and material, sometimes liquid and veiled, the color defines the various aspects of the work and becomes construction and structure, space and depth. The contrasts between the incisions and the streaks determined by a disruptive gesture are dissolved in the transparent veils that dissolve in liquid drippings. The skillful movements dictated by the artist’s hand are ready to grasp the refined chromatic transitions, a reflection of that heartfelt pleasure for “painting”, as an evocation of subtle perceptual and emotional variations.

The fluid and rippled water is the element around which the lyrical and introspective world of Paola Martina revolves: an original and inner place. The changing reflection rises to a magical meeting point of heaven and earth, a fluctuating vision that embraces the whole. The titles of some works such as Canto orfico, Symphony, La luna caduta, Metamorfosi di un cielo underline a feeling aimed at expressing the infinite thanks to the magical, evocative and allusive value of gestures, signs and colors. Shaping the chromatic material acquires the same evocative power of a lyric song capable of capturing the variety and fullness of nature.

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