Immaginari paralleli
curated by Roberta Gubitosi

Inauguration of the exhibition: Saturday 3rd July, h. 17.30

The works will be exhibited in the wine hall from 3rd July to 2nd September.

Free Visit

The exclusive Wine Creative Lab 47Anno Domini hosts the works of Rossella Ghigliotti, artist from Trieste. Views of distant places absorbed by the cold winter light, cities floating in time and history, dizzying glimpses become the star of Rossella Ghigliotti’s recent production.

Guided by a particular sensitivity to color, the artist initially finds her references in informal painting based on the instinctive and emotional drafting of the material.

However, pictorial freedom soon gave rise to a modus operandi characterized by a personal palette and the development of dynamic structures and spaces. The brushstrokes sometimes melt into soft and deep chromatic layers, sometimes they become more scratchy by dragging the color onto the canvas. With technical awareness Rossella Ghigliotti manages to enhance the softness of the oil, with its infinite variations, as well as the synthesis and immediacy of acrylic.

The works are centered on a defined chromatic range that from the dark tones of blue, purple or green is lightened through quick drafts up to the rare touches of white. A decadent and romantic atmosphere emerges that leads the imagination back to a fairy-tale and surreal world.

Often his works stimulate the observer’s perception by evoking glacial landscapes and images of distant cities that are lost in the times of history. Nothing is defined and the space comes alive with lights that seem to melt in the liquid pictorial drafts.

That dynamic and dizzying vision of the city is born that from the series dedicated to Atlantis reaches the nocturnal ones and the suggestive surreal re-enactments of the most recent works. Mythical and exotic places like Machu Picchu or Marrakech become a “narrative” stimulus to enhance a liquid, dynamic painting, animated by sudden flashes.

Rossella Ghigliotti’s vision finds full expression in the nocturnes, in which the glimpses immersed in the air bathed in fog seem to almost melt the image of the city in the fusion of sky and earth. The vertiginous architectures, the steep steps and the soaring structures create an upward movement made unstable by the fast and sometimes whirling action of the spatula strokes.

Each work is born from the immediacy of intuition and the pleasure of feeling the color and then being able to shape it with the freshness and purity of the gesture.

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