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A fine brandy that do not want to conquer you with its power but rather to seduce you with its elegance.

GRAPE VARIETY: Cabernet Sauvignon, Glera, Incrocio Manzoni
ORIGIN: Province of Treviso



The Brandy 47 Anno Domini is the result of a double distillation carried out separately so that every single grape variety can preserve its organoleptic characteristics, this also allows a perfect balance in the assembly. The double distillation used allows us to obtain a particularly elegant and a pure brandy unique and difficult to imitate. The next step is the aging. Its duration has been calibrated according to the amount of tannins and lignin in the wine. The distillate is placed for the first 18 months into 80hl oak vat, then the ageing process is ended into barrels made of different woods. These particular woods give to the brandy a deep amber color and transfer an unique aroma to the product.

Distillation system: continuous column distillation. The distillation facility operates in a vacuum environment.
Ageing woods: 80 hl barrels oak vats made of different native woods: Oak, Chestnut, Cherry.
Ageing Time: minimum 18 months to five years, in oak barrels.

Colour: dark brown with amber highlights.
Bouquet: notes of raisins mixed with licorice, walnut, cinnamon and vanilla. The elegant bouquet is characterized also by a “sweet” aroma of ripe dates, crème-caramel, nougat and carob, with a pleasant pungent alcoholic nuance.
Taste: fine and intense, with hints of cotton candy, vanilla, ripe plum and citrus notes. A complex and velvety taste. Aftertaste: dried fruit tones and spicy notes are softly wrapped by a pleasant sensation of alcohol.

Ideal to accompany chocolates and a good sigar.

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