Separating The Elements - Lunch And Tasting

€ 65.00
Tax included Maximum purchase: 20

Have you ever had the experience of separating the elements of a wine?

We do, and we want to share the experience with you to lead your palate to meet the extraordinary world of wine and its pairings with food. In a completely new format, we will let you discover the acid, savory and tannic tastes, and you will experience the sensations of glycerin, sugar and alcohol, with the aim of finding them again in wine and food.

DATE: Saturday 15th April, 12:00 am

PARTECIPANTS: Min 2 - Max 30

The lunch with tasting has a total cost of €65 per person for adults and €10 for children. If you will participate with children, please specify the number in the order notes, we will reach you back for the payment.

The tasting will be in Italian.



An unforgettable lunch, a journey to discover taste, masterfully guided by our sommeliers.

To participate you must be registered in the 47 Anno Domini Club (registration is free of charge).



- Corn tapas with goat cheese and asparagus
- Parmesan fried tortello on zucchini cream
- Sandwich with grilled ham, casatella and green apple
- Meatball with turnip tops and anchovy mayonnaise

Served to the table:

- Ricotta pie and wild herbs on Asiago fondue
- Risotto with green asparagus and speck powder
- Pork fillet with apples and caramelized Tropea onion
- Disassembled tiramisu


- Prosecco D.O.C. Rosé Spumante Extra Brut Bio Vegan, discovering acidity
- Chardonnay D.O.C. Venezia Bio Vegan, discovering sapidity
- Teroldego Rotaliano D.O.C., discovering tannins
- Garbin Vino Rosso, discovering glycerin and alcohol
- Moscato I.G.T. Veneto Frizzante, discovering sugars

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