Inauguration of the exhibition: Thursday 3rd November, h. 6.00 pm

curated by Roberta Gubitosi

Free visit (Monday to Saturday from 09.00 am to 7.00 pm) 

The works will be exhibited in the wine hall from the 8th of October to the 29th of November 2022

The exclusive Wine Creative Lab 47 Anno Domini hosts the personal exhibition of Paduan artist Chiara Coltro.

Having always been passionate about drawing and painting, after training in the field of figurative art and acquiring various technical skills, Chiara Coltro developed the awareness that art must be an expression of the self. By participating in projects and workshops of many artists, she has developed a research focused on the abstract elaboration of the artwork itself.

Her ‘painting’ can be defined as ‘informal’ as it is based on the relationships between matter and colour, on the many different results that are obtained depending on the medium and material used, and on the emotional effects and visual perceptions of surfaces. 

Her works originate from the preparation of the irregular, full-bodied, material and at the same time fragile support, in which the fibre of the jute cloth often shines through with its texture.

The work is slow, as it is the result of successive stages of stratifications that must be left to dry and settle inwardly. Each step stems from the search for a personal balance dictated by an inner vision. “I listen to myself and look for a chromatic fulfilment and at the same time for shapes, thicknesses and compositional weights”, this is how the artist defines her modus operandi, a global approach capable of perceiving the totality of deep feeling.


Observing her recent production, a profound interest in nature emerges, considered as a primary source of sensations, an emotional space in which to perceive the union between mind, body and environment. A ‘holistic vision’ emerges, that tends to perceive reality as the complex and reciprocal relationship between the elements, between heaven and earth, captured through a vision of synthesis. Each work is authentic in its result and thought. 

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