Precious, refined and singular, only in this way we can define the evening that was held at the 47 Anno Domini.

Saturday, June 4th, our club members 47 Anno Domini had the opportunity to participate in an event consisting of dinner and tasting, designed to pay homage to our founder, where the accompanying wine and absolute protagonist was the Batista Cabernet Merlot IGT Veneto. 5 vintages have been tasted, accompanied by an ad hoc menu, which allowed our guests to travel through time and retrace the history of one of our top quality red wines 

Crostino with black cabbage, gorgonzola and walnuts
Spiced white meat patties on pea cream
Small glass with burrata, confit cherry tomatoes and dehydrated Taggiasca olives
Shortcrust waffle with vegetables
Mini sandwich with grilled ham and horseradish mayonnaise
Pairing: Prosecco DOC Rosé Spumante Extra Dry Bio Vegan

Golden egg with baby spinach, parmesan cream and black truffle
Pairing: Raboso DOC Piave 2015

Ravioli with late radicchio on Asiago fondue and crunchy San Daniele
Pairing: Raboso DOC Piave 2012

Larded beef fillet with Raboso reduction and Jerusalem artichoke chips
Pairing: Raboso DOC Piave 2007

Dark chocolate mousse with crumble and berries
Pairing: Raboso DOC Piave 2007


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